Primary and secondary coin cells from muRata

Quartz watches, clocks, IoT equipment, keyless entry systems, backup power sources for memories –all these applications (and many more) use Coin Lithium Batteries.

muRata is developing and of course producing batteries based on the needs of discharge characteristics, long-term reliability and safety characteristics.

Materials used:

  • Lithium metal which represents the best capacity per unit (3.86 Ah/g), is used for the Anode.
  • The Coin Manganese Dioxide Lithium Batteries made by Sony use manganese dioxide for the active cathode – the result is superior stability.
  • muRata offeres coin cells in following technologies:
    Manganese dioxide lithium coin cells, Silveroxid coin cells and alkaline manganese coin cells

Do you need further support for your new application?  Please contact us, we will help you.
For most of coin-cells we have different kinds of holder of many manufactures.

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