News from Gowanda Electronics

Product of July 2020

Gowanda Electronics, an affiliate of Gowanda Components Group, is STILL supporting customers needs for Axial-Leaded Molded Shielded RF Coils with Gowanda Series 17S and 17S-LF; Gowanda is now the SOLE SOURCE of such styles in the industry. The company’s series support commercial and military applications which may have previously depended on the industry’s 1641 and 1641R styles, respectively. The 17S commercial series reaches 10mH without requiring a larger geometry package; 17S-LF is the Pb-free RoHS version of the series. Our MLRF17S military series remains on QPL for M15305 specification sheets: MS75087, MS75088 and MS75089; our Established Reliability version ER17S, is supplied in accordance with M39010/01, M39010/02 and M39010/03, Level-R.

Performance ranges for both series are provided in the table below, as are links to each series webpage where you can find detailed technical information.