Product of March 2021

Honeywell Sensing and Internet of Things expand their large portfolio of pressure sensors for pcb assemply. New series are ABP2 with absolute, differential and relative pressure sensors.

The piezoresistive pressure sensors have a digital output signal-IC2 or SPI- for the specified pressure and temperature range. The series are calibrated and temperature compensated for temperature effects, sensibility and offset as well as for optimized accuracy concerning non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability. Technically this is implemented with a ASIC device (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) „on Board“.

Some types are optionally available for fluids. This is possible by using gel coatings which protect the electronic underneath port 1. Thus the ABP2 series are suitable for water, saline and all applications where condensed water might appear.

The series are completed by DIP-, SMT- and leadless SMT packages, ports in high temperature plastic or in metal / 304SST. Please have a look to above picture.

These sensors are especially appropriate for applications in medicine and laboratory as well as in

food technology. (NSF-169 standard, materials are compliant to LFGB and BPA). The newest datasheet you will find here and in our catalogue-area. For first tests you could use the break out board / Honeywell SEB Sensor Evaluatiin Kit. Please do not hesitate and contact us.