Product of November 2021

Battery holders and contacts are often smiled at as a simple product-but only at first glance.

There is not only the huge diversity but also many details which differ from product to product.

There are holders for 1-10 cells which can be mounted by riveting, screwing or glueing.

The customer can choose between different contacts of the battery holder like spiral springs or yoke springs, the material of these springs can be the standard material (phosphor bronze, nickel-plated) or even gold plating.

Different plastics, some of them UL-listed, are available and make a big difference in quality and price.

Different shapes enable different layouts of the cells and thus many different applications are possible.

Some holders have IPX67 standard, cover, cable, switch or connector as per customer’s choice. Some products have reverse battery protection, too.

To make it easier for you to find the right battery holer, we designed our project inquiry flyer. Please fill it out and return it to us. Thus we can support you by choosing the best product for your application.

There are 2 project inquiry flyers: