GSS Productsite-Update of CO2 Sensors !

The sector of CO2 sensors from GSS has been revised and you can now compare many details of the sensors in a clear table.  A new video from GSS is available, too. Please click here. The latest data sheets can be found in the catalogue area.

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Product of the month: Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors, ABP Series
Honeywell Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors ABP Series_Group

NEW IN NEWS: PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Each month, we introduce you to a selected product that deserves special mention. Product of the month January 2018: Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors, Wet-Wet Capable, ABP Series Honeywell is pleased to announce its ABP Series Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors are now dual ported, wet-wet capable, allowing for […]

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New Transportation Attitude Reference Sensor (TARS-IMU)
TARS Serie 1

To learn how the TARS-IMU Series enhances vehicle efficiency, please view the video on the TARS-IMU rollout page. The Transportation Attitude Reference Sensor or TARS-IMU is a packaged sensor array designed to report vehicle angular rate, acceleration, and inclination for demanding applications in industries such as heavy duty, off-highway transportation. TARS-IMU enables autonomous vehicle characteristics […]

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New Sensor Evaluation Kit SEK001 from Honeywell
Evaluation Kit SEK001 Honeywell

The new Sensor Evaluation Kits provide a cost-effective way for customers to learn about the capabilities of our sensors, allowing for faster, more informed, and more efficient component decisions and a speedier product development process. Customers are able to perform a thorough evaluation of a sensor without needing to develop additional code. The kits interface […]

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New datasheets online
Datasheet Pressure Sensors

From now on you will find new datasheets for the TruStability MPR, HSC / SSC and ABP series pressure sensors under Catalogues → Honeywell. We hope you enjoy reading and informing! If you have any questions about the products, you are always welcome to contact us! Best regards, your Rossmann Electronic team

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Honeywell HPM Series Particle Sensor
Feinstaubsensor, Particle Sensor HPMA115S0

The Honeywell HPM Series Particle Sensor is a laser-based sensor which uses the light scattering method to detect and count particles in the concentration range of 0 μg/m3 to 1,000 μg/m3 in a given environment. You can find further details on the data sheet: Honeywell HPM Series

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New holder from Memory Protection Devices
BQ2032-6 Rossmann Electronic GmbH

Memory Protection Devices has placed the new battery holder BQ2032-6 for the CR 2032 coin cell on the market. The holder is placed completely in a separate housing. A cover which can be opened, offers an easy change of batteries. Applications can be switched on and off by a switch. The rugged case is offered […]

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