Of course we can provide you with holders for the common standard cells. However, our strength is to supply special holders and coin cell holders. High quality holders in different models and approvals allow a huge variety.

Please send us your inquiries for metal holders (aluminium or steel), plastic holders, horizontal or vertical version, stand-alone-version or mounted on the pcb.

We help you to find a suitable holder. You are also welcome to send us your inquiries for batteries, rechargeable batteries or coin cells.


These holders are available in different models: plastic, aluminium or as a box with a cover for front panel mounting. The plastic holders have pins for direct pcb mounting, a solder lug or a push-button. Additionally it is possible to add cables with any length to the plastic holders. Customer specific solutions with plugs e.g. from Molex, AMP or others are possible as well.


Also available are holders for size CR1/3N, 1/2AA, 2/3AA. Some of these holders can be supplied with a cover in aluminium or plastic as well. Available as SMD or THT type.

Batteriehalter PIC-specialBH-23112016


Standard battery contacts are available as single or double version, with or without spring for the common battery size. Customer specific contacts are possible from 5000 pcs./lot onwards. The standard material is phosphor bronze. Different coating can be done as well.

Batteriekontakte PIC-BK-23112016


Battery straps are available in different quality. We provide a variety of different versions:

  • Battery straps as single version or suitable for a 9-Volt-battery
  • Straps with a third contact for charging the battery
  • I-version, T-version with or without pull relief
  • soft PVC or hard shell (industrial quality)

A plug can be added to the standard cable.

Druckknopfanschlüse PIC-snapse-211116



There is a suitable holder available for almost every standard coin cell in the following versions: horizontal/ vertical, with pins or SMD.

We sell brands like Keystone, Memory, Renata but also high quality no-name products. The coin cell holders only differ from each other in small details- but these details are unique. There are different metals, coatings and handling.

Some coin cell holders have a protection of polarity.


We are looking forward to a good cooperation with you!

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