Recharger, Power supply units, AC/DC Adapters

Roßmann supplies recharger from Mascot, Ansmann, Sony and ProfiTec.

Power supply units and AC/DC adapters are available on request, too.

1. Power supply units

Ladegeräte Steckernetzgeräte
Power supply units from 3,0V / 600mA to 6500mA and 24V/ 150mA to 2500mA. Plugs for different countries are available.

2. AC/DC modules

Ladegeräte AD-DC-Module
Compact size combined with rugged design, suitable for EMI.

Approvals: UL/CUL, TÜV, CB and CE


3. Ansmann

Power supplies and recharger from Ansmann. Different design, solutions with different plugs or custom-made alignments.

Recharger for different rechargeable batteries e.g. lithium ion, nickel-metal –hybrid, lead-acid battery.

Steckernetzteile Ansmann
Steckernetzteile Ansmann
Steckernetzteile Ansmann

Most devices can be used all over the world, thanks to extended input voltage of 100-240V.

Secondary voltage: 1,5 VDC to 24 VDC at 1,5A to max. 4,5 A.



We are looking forward to a good cooperation with you!

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