We offer many different hardware articles as standard parts. The following groups made of metal, plastic or a combination of both are available:

  • Fuse holders and fuse clips with a plastic base or for direct mounting on the pcb
  • Terminals (single or multiple contacts), test points THT / SMD
  • Standoffs / spacers of aluminium or plastic with internal / external thread
  • Accessories, LED holders, fan guards and filter assemblies, screws and knobs
  • Pins, plugs, connectors and micro pins, PC hardware (brackets, pcb guides)
  • Mounting parts, such as metal brackets, screws, cable clamps, nylon cable ties, rubber grommets, nylon insulating bushings

Stamping and bent parts

Besides the above mentioned standard hardware parts we offer customer specific stamping-bent parts produced by our partners.  The common sizes of these components vary from several mm to several dm. Specific solutions or modifications of standard parts from Keystone, MPD or Cambion are possible.

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