Thermoelectric Coolers

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Roßmann has distributed thermoelectric coolers for more than 25 years.

As devices are getting smaller and smaller, it is interesting for many applications to keep working temperatures constant. This is easy to do with thermoelectric coolers. These elements work vibration-free and wearless as well as noiseless.

Pole change of the supply voltage makes cooling possible as well as heating. Available are smallest elements as well as multi stage modules or round versions. All elements can be delivered epoxy-sealed or silicone-sealed to avoid corrosion and electrical and thermal short-circuit. The ceramic plates are also available metallized or tinned. Combinations are possible as well (e.g. tinned-metallized). Many elements can be delivered with a center hole for simple mounting. We can also offer fans on request. All common sizes of fans are available in DC and AC version.

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Main fields of application:

  • Industrial electronics and telecommunications
  • Thermoelectric cooling assemblies and conditioners with different functions
  • Thermoelectric cooling devices for cupboards and electronic equipment blocks
  • Systems of temperature control of the critical parts and components of different lathes and machines
  • Heat flow probes
  • Production of semiconductor integrated micro chips
  • Laser equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Transport
  • Food industry
  • Special equipment
  • portable automobile refrigerators and picnic boxes
  • drinking water and tonic coolers
  • thermoelectric refrigerators and minibars
  • wine cabinets and beer coolers
  • make-up mini refrigerators.
  • CCD-matrix and infrared photodetectors cooling
  • cold cells and freezers
  • thermostats
  • scientific and laboratory equipment
  • thermocalibrators
  • step coolers
  • different coolers and thermostabilizers of detectors
  • night vision equipment

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We are looking forward to a good cooperation with you!

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