Current sensors of Honeywell

Current Sensors – Closed Loop

Uses feedback control to provide output proportional to measured current. Engineered with enhanced accuracy and linearity to deliver fast response. Output relatively immune to electrical noise.

Series start with CSN.

CSN Stromsensorserie

Current Sensors – Digital/ Inductive

Provides digital output that changes from Vcc to 0,4 V when sensed current exceeds operation point. Not damaged by overcurrent in the sensed conductor.

Listings start with CSD.

magnetoresistive Stromsensor_neu

Current Sensors – Open Loop – Serie CSC and CSL

Provide output proportional to measured current without using feedback control. Often preferred in battery-powered circuits due to low powering power requirements.

Series start with CSC and CSL.


DescriptionClosed loop linear sensorClosed loop linear sensorDigital sensorDigital sensorDigital sensorOpen-loop linear sensor
Package StyleHoused, PCB attached, Series connected, PCB mount, Thru-hole PCB mountPCB bottom mountThru-hole PCB mountThru-hole PCB mountSeries connect PCB mount, Thru-hole PCB mountPCB bottom mount, PCB side mount
Supply Voltage+/- 5,0 Vdc to
+/- 24,0 Vdc
5,0 Vdc6,0 Vdc to 16,0 Vdc5,0 Vdc4,5 Vdc to 24,0 Vdc6,0 Vdc to 16,0 Vdc
Supply Current+/- 10 mA + output to
+/- 22 mA + output
12 mA rms12mA max .12mA max .16 mA typ., 22 mA max.19 mA to 20 mA max.
Output VoltageDependent upon magnitude of primary currentDependent upon magnitude of primary current0,40 V0,40 V0,40 V
Output Current20 mA20 mA40 mALinear/ratiometric

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