Contact jacks and pins from Cambion

Cambion supplies a wide range of different contact jacks and pins. Fast applicability and good contact combined with small size are typical. The sockets are closed entry cage type. They consist of 2 pieces: a flexible spring and a housing. The spring is made of beryllium copper. It is hardened and then plated. The housings are made of copper or brass. Cambion offers 3 different surfaces for the sockets:
gold spring and housing
gold spring and electro tin housing
electro tin spring and housing

Contact jacks are offered with suitable pins in different versions and different sizes.

Surfaces specifications:
gold 0,0008 gold over Nickel
silver 0,0008 silver over copper
tin 0,005 electro-tin over Copper
electro-tinned 0,008 electro-tin over copper

brass: QQ-B-626, alloy 360 medium hard
copper: QQ-C-576, alloy 102
beryllium-copper:QQ-C-533, alloy 172
nylon: MIL-P-17091, type I
wire, isolated : copper, tinned, MIL-W-16878
shrinkable tube: Polylefin according to MIL-23053

Soldering terminals from Cambion

There are also several different soldering terminals available.

Battery holders from Cambion

Cambion offers battery holders in high quality for the standard sizes AA, C, D and PP3 (6LR61). The chief attraction of these holders is the possibility to put several holders together to a package. Nylon as material of the case with the contact material phosphor bronze, tinned, has proved the test and is used in many applications. These battery holders are available with soldering lug or with pin for direct mounting on the pcb. The colour is white.