Gowanda-News-ER3013 (Quelle: Gowanda Electronics)

Expansion of Gowanda SML32S Series RF Inductors

Gowanda Electronics issued a news release to announce the expansion of its SML32S “1210 style” series of shielded SMT RF inductors, increasing the number of individual parts in the series by more than 20% and broadening the inductance range by adding values from 120 µH to 470 µH.

The performance range provided by the expanded SML32S series includes inductance from 0.1 µH to 470 µH, DCR ohms max from 0.15 to 25 and current rating mA DC from 91 to 1175.

This wirewound, molded, shielded series is designed for radio frequency applications in commercial, medical and military communities.

Complete information can be found in the company’s news release. See below.

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